The consultants at eCapacity have many years’ experience in managing digital departments, holding key positions within some of the largest e-commerce sites in Europe.

  • Strategy & Project Management

    Per Rasmussen

    CEO, Strategy & Business development

    Management consultant specializing in digital and omni-channel strategy and business development. He has worked with several Danish and international companies. Former Online CEO in TDC. Chairman of FDIH for Boligsiden a / s, member of's board etc. See more

    (+45) 20 42 29 52

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  • Nicolai Porsbo

    Nicolai Porsbo

    Partner & Director, Strategy & Project Management

    Digital strategy consultant with more than 20 years experience in business development, sales and optimizing the interplay between online and offline. Nicolai has worked both as a consultant and from inside the business and he has worked both in Denmark and internationally. As former digital chief in Denmark’s Radio he was responsible for the full range of digital activities. See more

    (+45) 60 78 19 00

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  • Andreas Petersson

    Partner & Director, Analytics & Optimisation

    Andreas Petersson is a data-driven digital leader at eCapacity where he assumes the responsibility for the analytics business. He is focused on creating value and growth for companies using data and analytics to drive actionable insights. Andreas come from a position as Vice President at VELUX where he developed VELUX’ digital business into a 67-man strong eBusiness department. See more

    +45 51 71 43 63

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  • Martin Schierning Wammen

    Director, DMP & MarTech

    Martin Wammen is a data-driven marketing profile at eCapacity and has extensive experience with implementation and operationalization of Marketing Cloud technologies within retail, finance, service and media companies. With an MBA from Copenhagen Business School and experience from global Tech companies and local consultancy companies, Martin's passion is creating valuable business solutions as well as good relations among customers and colleagues. See more


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  • Jon Lund

    Senior Consultant, Strategy & Project Management

    Jon Lund’s competencies are equally distributed between business development, research and communication and he has over 20 years of digital experience. At eCapacity Jon is advising on digital strategy, personal data compliance, project management and concept development. See more

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  • Edouard Payne

    Consultant, Analytics & Optimization

    Edouard has experience in managing and launching digital websites having run two previous start-ups before joining eCapacity. His skills include digital analytics and optimization where he used Google Analytics to optimize traffic that visited his site. See more

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  • Kristina Vehn

    Senior Consultant, Analytics & Optimization

    Kristina is specialized in digital analysis and optimization with Google Analytics, and has been working on optimization through data over the past many years. See more

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  • Donal Taylor

    Donal Taylor

    Consultant, Analytics & Optimization

    Donal is specialised in digital strategy, implementation, analytics and reporting with a variety of platforms, especially Google Analytics. Donal has business & technical expertise, and brings digital marketing and account management experience to the London office. See more

  • Anja Kjær Christensen

    Senior Consultant, Strategy & Project Management

    Digital business consultant specialized in digital strategy development and implementation. She has worked with a wide range of major Danish companies and is previously Online Manager at Telenor. See more

  • Strategy & Project Management

    Jacob Lego Boye

    Senior Consultant, Strategy & Project Management

    Specialised in online strategy development and implementation, driven by a focus on the development of the digital channel as a strategic business of the company. Former vice president in Telenor with responsibility for e-business business, and author of “Customer service on the web”. See more

  • Jacob Bay Worsøe

    Senior Digital Analyst, Analytics & Optimization

    Result-oriented senior consultant with deep technical insight and focus on data-driven decisions that create results and change. Jacob has 9 years of experience in digital analysis and optimization, including architecture, implementation, analysis and KPI definition. Jacob comes from a position as Senior Digital Marketing Consultant at IMPACT.

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  • Jens Borgkvist

    Consultant, Analytics and Optimization

    Jens is bonafide automaion nerd with 10 years’ experience within the field of online marketing. Jens’ professional experience is a mix of both the consultant role and the customer end of the table. He has worked with e-mail marketing and automation for some of the largest retail- and eCommerce companies in the Nordics, such as STARK and Dustin. Read more

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  • Martin Munk Nielsen

    Senior consultant, Tech

    Martin is part of the eCapacity analytics department, improving the value that clients generate from their individual analytics solutions. He has six years of experience working with digital analytics in TDC Group, where his responsibilities included administration of analytics tools, managing the digital data architecture and driving tag management.

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  • Sem Blaksmark

    Consultant, Tech

    Sem Blaksmark excels in javascript, thinking object-oriented and is a positive thinker. Every day he is juggling with Tag managers from Tealium, Google and Adobe. Sem Blaksmark holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and economics from CBS - and then continued the studies in game design and software development at ITU. Business wise he has experience from a wide range of IT jobs. Read more

  • Jeppe Dahl-Østergaard

    Consultant, Strategy

    Jeppe is a consultant with specialty in digital innovation and business development. He thrives in high complexity projects due to his holistic and cross-functional business know-how. See more

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  • Troels Moltsen

    Consultant, Analytics and Optimization

    I have a master’s degree within finance and international business wherefrom I have gained in depth knowledge concerning economics and international strategy. Furthermore, I have spent almost 4 years as student assistant in OK working with digital analytics in business development. Læs mere

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  • Jacqueline Feuerborn

    Consultant, Analytics and Optimization

    Jacqueline has a background in mathematics and statistics with an emphasis on data modelling and statistical validation of data. Her skills include analyzing and manipulating data in a variety of mathematical and data programming languages. See more

  • Katrine Tølbøll

    Consultant, Analytics and Optimization

    Katrine is a bachelor student at Aarhus University, where she studies Cognitive Science and Economics. This combination gives her a unique insight in the human behavior in complex situations. Her area of interest lies within data analysis and optimization. Further, Katrine is well-known with the statistic analysis tool R, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics. See more

  • Rie Kühn-Bagge Nielsen


    Rie is a digital analytics specialist with a strong business understanding. Rie has previously worked with digital analytics at LEGO, from which she has experience in optimizing digital platforms like and LEGO Life. Read more

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  • Frederikke Castillo Hansen

    Consultant, Tech

    Frederikke is part of the analytics-team where she works with setting-up dynamic analytics solutions such as Dynamic Tag Manager from Adobe, Google Tag Manager, and Tealium. Frederikke has a master’s degree in software development from the IT University in Copenhagen. Here she specialized in web systems and blockchain. See more

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  • Bjørn Max Lykke

    Manager of the Århus Office, Analytics & Optimization

    With a background in marketing and an education within MSc. IT. Web communications, Bjørn’s focus is user oriented, combined with an understanding of the customers business. Besides digital analytics, Bjørn also has practical experience with digital marketing, e-learning, UX & usability testing.See more

  • Elli Simonen-Andersen

    Manager of the Tech Team, Tech

    Elli Simonen is eCapacity’s project coordinator and project manager in analytics projects. See more

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  • Dániel Horváth

    Digital Analytics Developer, Tech

    Daniel is a web enthusiast, always chasing the latest trends and changes in the world of frontend development. As part of the analytics team, his work involves setting up, managing and testing digital analytics tools through tag managers, such as Google Tag Manager, Tealium and Dynamic Tag Manager from Adobe. See more

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  • Sara Søgaard Pedersen

    Consultant, Strategy & Optimization

    Consultant specialising in digital strategy development and online optimization based on data analysis. She advises about business development, optimization of the user experience and online marketing and communication. See more

  • Mirella Panduro


    Specializing in financial management. She is a multitasking talent and has the ability to keep track of eCapacity's consultants whether they are in the Copenhagen, Aarhus or London office Read more.

    +45 31 75 22 30

  • Karen Rasmussen

    Karen Rasmussen

    Administrative employee, Administration & Accounting