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    Analytics trends in 2016 according to Google

    Google Analytics is an important data-source for many corporations. This is why eCapacity invited Oliver Borm, Advanced Performance Lead for EMEA, from Google to present the latest trends in Enterprise Analytics at the eCapacity Digital Executive Event in Copenhagen in January 2016. Click to read Danish version of this article   Building the single source of the […]

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    Firefox tracking protection mode blocks all major tracking vendors

    Over the past 10 years, the digital analytics space has changed dramatically from being a log-analysing task in IT, to a vital part of most company’s online presents, marketing and development of strategy. As the digital analytics space has evolved, marketers has gotten more sophisticated tools in the toolbox and better data about their customers […]

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    Are you exceeding the limits of Google Analytics data collection?

    If you have encountered a warning in Google Analytics threatening to stop data processing, and even delete your property if you don’t upgrade to Google Analytics Premium – you are probably worried about your data and wondering what your options are. This quick guide will give you an answer to this, and give you an […]

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    New calculated metrics in Adobe Marketing Cloud!

    Adobe recently updated how calculated metrics are build, managed and used in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Not only did the update include new features and functionalities such as statistical calculations or the opportunity to share calculated metrics across report suites, it also improves the workflow for analysts deploying and using calculated metric in his or her daily work.

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    Adobe Analytics spring release makes the gab between analysts and data scientists smaller

    At this time of the year Adobe usually have a major release called ‘The Spring Release’. It releases short after Adobe has held their Summit in US and always includes features and improvements that help business to improve customer insights and optimization.

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    Another eCommerce company invests in Googles high-end enterprise web analytics platform

    We are proud to welcome BZT Fashion AB (Boozt.com) on the Google Analytics Premium platform. Boozt.com join the likes of Momondo Group on Googles enterprise analytics platform.

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    Take aways from the first ever Google Analytics Premium Summit in London

    Google held their first ever Google Analytics Premium Summit in London on December 2nd. Demonstrating the increased popularity of GAP they managed to gather 100 Premium customer and 30 premium partners from across Europe.

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    How cross-channel analysis can improve customer satisfaction

    In a digital first world, customers want ease and flexibility. Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Goal Achievement (GA) are often used as key measures of success for large websites. – But in this ‘big data’ driven world is there space for these, more qualitative measures?

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    Testing A B, Testing – 4 guidelines

    Here we offer some simple advice on how you can create fair tests that will mean more meaningful insights in to your optimisation program.

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    eCapacity opens up new office in London

    With a base set in London eCapacity is ready to serve british clients with James Muldoon leading the office.