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eCapacity has been awarded Denmark’s best consulting firm for the second year in a row.
Computerworld has today published their TOP100 list, and eCapacity take the first place as Denmark’s best consulting firm again.

“We are really proud of the fine award and that we hold the first place two years in a row” says Per Rasmussen, eCapacity’s CEO.

“We see the fruits of a clear focus on advisory and management consulting around companies’ digital business and a deep understanding of what

data tells us ab

out how to optimize digital companies. A focus that we have had since I established the company. We have a clear ambition to do the best. So we are really happy for Computerworld’s recognition of our efforts ”

Up against a strong group of Danish consulting firms

It is with a good deal of humility that we receive this first place again. It is a very strong group of 49 consulting companies that have entered the TOP100 list, which eCapacity is up against. Among the larger established players that eCapacity was up against, you will  find names such as Accenture, NetCompany, Immeo, ProActive, PA Consulting, Valcon and many more.

“I believe our very strong focus on producing clear and measurable commercial results for our clients, along with our strong Digital Management Consulting, Advanced data analytics and MarTech. These are key competencies that companies need in the execution of their digital transformation. ” says Per Rasmussen.

Digital Acceleration Teams

eCapacity hjælper med digital ledelse og projektledelse

Our approach, where we put together a team with strong competencies together with our customers, and help them through the execution of their transformation, and establish their internal capabilities. For example when it comes to creating a strong data-driven digital sales and marketing organization. Many of our clients ask us to help them get started with data science, CDPs, analytics and activation of data, and all the other elements associated with a well-executed digital business “continues Per Rasmussen. “The area is so specialized that very few companies have the necessary competencies in-house – it must be built up,” says Per Rasmussen.


Computerworld’s selection of eCapacity as Denmark’s best IT consulting company takes place on the basis of a number of parameters, gathered over the four headings efficiency, merchandising, resource utilization and form strength.

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