Meet eCapacity

At eCapacity, our consultants are experts in digital strategy development, digital analytics and optimisation of digital and cross-channel businesses.

We help companies realise their full business potential in the digital market and achieve omni-channel integration across digital and offline channels.

eCapacity has two specialist teams:

  • Business consultants – focusing on the development of business strategies within the digital field.
  • Optimisation and analysis consultants – drawing upon their unique experience to blend in-depth technical understanding with business acumen gained from many different industries.

We’re committed to being an independent advisor, creating a commercial quantum leap forward for our customers based on solid business insight and technical knowledge.

Our consultants

The management consultants in eCapacity have extensive experience of managing digital business units, having designed and implemented solutions for some of the largest e-commerce and media websites in Europe. Through practical experience, our consultants have the necessary understanding, insight and know-how to deal with the issues that many companies face in their daily work and the expertise to advise clients on developing their digital channels.

Allied with strong project management and delivery skills, this experience means that the projects we are involved in are completed on time and within budget.

Our analysis and optimisation consultants specialise in market-leading digital analytics and business intelligence tools, being certified in Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics Premium and more. As a result, eCapacity have grown to become one of the leading consulting companies in Europe within Digital Enterprise Analytics, counting companies ranging from Novo Nordisk to Sky and Orange as digital partners.


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