Another eCommerce company invests in Googles high-end enterprise web analytics platform.

We are proud to welcome BZT Fashion AB ( onto the Google Analytics Premium platform, where they will join the likes of Momondo Group.

“ take a giant step towards working even more with data and data-driven optimisation and have therefore chosen to migrate to an enterprise analytics platform where we are honoured to assist them on this journey” says Director of Analytics, Mads Vangkilde at eCapacity.

Google have chosen to certify eCapacity as one of a select few Danish consultancies to work on everything from implementation to optimisation on the enterprise analytics platform.

eCommerce companies like are increasingly focusing on data as a means of harnessing the full potential of their businesses. This yields a number of opportunities for increasing effectiveness and efficiencies while providing better insights. This grants the premise for a solid business case supporting the investment in an enterprise platform over the free version offered by Google.

Our work within the enterprise analytics sphere and the highly developed business is only a benefit for customers like opting for the Google enterprise platform.

eCapacity are happy to extend our existing business on the Google Analytics Premium platform and we are excited to continue the work, the optimisation and evolvement of our clients.