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    eCapacity ramps up: hires International Adobe expert

    The eCapacity Analytic and Technology division has ramped up, hiring Alex Bishop to join the team as senior consultant. Alex Bishop is one of UKs strongest Adobe specialists, and the hire testifies to the determination of eCapacitys to uphold the position as the strongest Adobe Targeting and Analytics advisors in Northern Europe. Alex Bishop, one […]

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    eCapacity welcomes strong Adobe profile

    After 11 years at Adobe, Kasper Andersen joins eCapacity as Senior Architect Manager. Kasper Andersen is probably Denmark’s most experienced Adobe Experience Cloud specialist. Since joining Adobe in 2007, he has helped global companies take full advantage of the Analytics, Target, Audience Manager, Campaign Standard and Experience Manager solutions in Adobe’s Experience Cloud. As a […]

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    Whitepaper: How to extract unsampled and well ordered data from Google Analytics in three steps

    The new whitepaper ”Google Analytics, ML and AI” from eCapacity shows you how to make your web analytics-data suited for  predictive ML-analytics using Google Custom dimensions, tag management and Python scripts. The best analyzes of what really matters for what users end up buying, clicking or reading when they visit your site are often based […]

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    How to bypass Google Analytics API limit to make it possible to extract vast amounts of data without having to upgrade to Google360

    One of the major shortcomings of the free version of Google Analytics is the limit GA poses on how much data you can extract. Fortunately, I’ve found a hack and here’s how to bypass the limits and extracting data for a full day at a time. The past months I’ve been working intensely on how […]

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    How to extract unsampled data from Google Analytics through an API with Python and open the doors for advanced AI/ML analysis

    Do you want to perform advanced AI/ML analytics in Python on your website analytics data? Google doesn’t provide tools for this, so you need to extract all the data in order to proceed. The problem is Google won’t let you do that either. At least not in full. Google will gladly deliver sampled data exports […]

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    How to prepare your Google Analytics-data for ML and AI-analysis with Custom Dimensions and Google Tag Manager

    Here’s the situation: You want to run a Random Forrest algorithm on your Google Analytics (GA) data, to see if there are any significant patterns in the way users behave on your site. But the data Google lets you retrieve from your free GA-account are not nearly fine grained enough. For one, there is no […]

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    ML and AI with Google Analytics: Getting data out of GA so to perform advanced personalization

    If you are looking to optimize your site and grow your business, Google Analytics may prove a treasure trove. But having made data available for use as input to machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms – ML and AI – is far from trivial. However, it is certainly not impossible either. It just takes a few tricks. Read […]

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    Making complex things simple continues to be the trend in 2019

    Andreas Petersson points to three major digital trends that will form 2019. Andreas Petersson is partner at eCapacity and head of Analytics. We met him for an interview on his thoughts on what trends will drive the digital landscape in 2019. Trend 1: One size does not fit anyone, in 2019 this is truer than […]

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    SKY - UK's second largest Telco: These are the six most important AI, machine- and human-learning based experiences, we’ve learned from personalizing our digital channels

    Tuesday this week, Skys Head of Digital Analytics and Decision, Rob McLaughlin, gave the opening keynote address at Adobe’ and eCapacity’s Experience Breakfast in Copenhagen. Sky is UKs second largest telco, the  largest (11 million customers) pay-TV broadcaster and – with an advertisement spending of over £ 400 million a year – also UK’s largest advertiser. […]

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    Marketing Cloud from vision to reality

    eCapacity has strengthened its position in data-driven marketing with Martin Wammen as a new Senior Manager.   Martin comes with a deep experience in marketing cloud technologies and services from previous roles as Country Manager for Responsys and Nordic Sales Director of Oracle Marketing Cloud and has helped Egmont, SaxoBank, Coop among others adapting data-driven […]