Senior Consultant, Analytics & Optimization (Tech)

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Akshay Bhardwaj


Akshay Bhardwaj is a senior consultant at eCapacity. He is well versed in web analytics, optimization, campaign managment as well as software development. Akshay has the ability to envision the bigger picture and the technical competencies to design and deliver on it. He can collaborate across functions and is constantly looking for opportunities to optimize and deliver integrated solutions for clients covering data collection, reporting and activation.



For the past decade, Akshay has taken on a variety of roles in leading MNCs. He has worked with everything from web development to solution design, digital analytics, engagement enrichment, optimization as well as program management and has hands-on experience helping digital, tech and marketing teams with strategy and execution to meet business goals. Akshay is a proven expert in Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and also has a great understanding of Google Analytics, Tag management, DBMS and integration services.   

in Danish