Partner & Director, Analytics & Optimisation

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Andreas Petersson is a data-driven digital leader at eCapacity. He is focused on creating value and growth for companies using data and analytics to drive actionable insights. Connecting and enhancing the customer journey across channels and platforms is pivotal for many clients in digital transformation and it demands data-driven and continuous optimization for success.

Andreas assumes the responsibility for the analytics business and to help customers such as Sky and Pandora, Novo Nordisk and Grundfos or B&O and LEGO to manage and evolve their data-driven businesses.


Andreas come from a position as Vice President at VELUX where he developed VELUX’ digital business into a 67-man strong eBusiness department. Critical for any organization in digital change is the ability to foster modern leadership based on self-empowerment, agility and a sense of passion for digital change. By launching 45 direct ecommerce sites, 42 marketing websites and 15 different apps, he has sharpened and executed the global window manufacturer’s business strategy and geared it to the conditions of an increasingly digital world. His latest accomplishment was to expand the online blinds and accessories sales to include the company’s core product, the VELUX window, sold directly to end customers in the UK market.

in Danish