Senior Consultant, Strategy & Project Management

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Strategy & Project Management


Jacob Lego Boye specializes in online strategy development and strategy implementation, and is driven by the development of the digital channel as strategic business areas within a company.

He advises on supply and choice of supplier in connection with e-commerce platforms and business areas. In addition, he advises on online and cross-channel strategy as well as project management and website concept development.

Jacob has a strong business understanding combined with an in-depth technical knowledge in relation to both online solutions and the underlying processes and systems. He has extensive experience in the implementation of specific e-business projects to optimise online sales and online services, including process and supplier management.


As former vice president of Telenor with responsibility for e-business business Jacob has operated a significant e-commerce and e-services business. This has given him a strong business understanding of how an e-commerce business must be operated, and what it takes to create high performing e-commerce platform. He has previously been responsible for Product Management and Marketing in Telenor and Cyber City.

Jacob is a published author of the book “Customer service on the net”. (Danish title: Kundeservice på nettet)

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