Senior Consultant, Analytics & Optimization (Tech)

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Mike is an experienced digital analyst with tech interests, currently working out of Washington DC. with the eCapacity tech team in architecture and tag management.  Having worked for many multi-national corporations, Mike understands the complexities that come with working in Analytics and IT in large groups.  His work as both an end-user and implementer of analytics platforms allows him to optimize solutions for accurate insights and ease of use.


Mike started in digital analytics at Bose and was responsible for ecommerce insights, tag management and  site testing with Adobe Analytics, DTM and Target.  Additionally, Mike was working in digital analytics at LEGO, where he worked on cross-channel reporting, as well as providing actionable insights and dashboards for children’s content and apps.  Through this work, Mike has become proficient with the Adobe Experience Cloud and various tag management platforms, including DTM, Launch and Tealium.

Most recently, Mike worked on a variety of projects to automate data collection for various clients in the US,  providing not only automated reporting, but also data visualization with Tableau and Power BI.

in Danish