Consultant, Analytics & Optimization

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Quentin Rospars, eCapacity


Quentin Rospars has a data science background with a special focus on the communication of data through data visualization and user experience. He also has a background in design – something that he always tries to incorporate when working with data science. Quentin has worked with all kinds of projects from medical image analysis to maritime traffic tracking. As a result, he is very adaptable and easily transitions from one way of working to another.

Personally, Quentin has a bit of a geeky soul. This has not only led him to explore different state-of-the-art technologies in his spare time, but also develop multiple apps where he can test these technologies further. When he isn’t studious, he also enjoys sports a lot.



Quentin is currently pursuing a master’s in computer science at Copenhagen University. Presently, he is putting the finishing touches on his thesis focusing on data science and user experience. He also has an undergraduate dimploma in Design from Bellecour School in Lyon, France. Previously, Quentin has worked as a data scientist at Artelia, France, where he was also involved in various design and computer science projects.

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