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At this time of the year Adobe usually have a major release called ‘The Spring Release’. It releases short after Adobe has held their Summit in US and always includes features and improvements that help business to improve customer insights and optimization.

The Spring 2015 release isn’t any different!

Customer Attributes

Combining onsite behavioral data with for example CRM data empower analyst to create better insights and segments, resulting in better insights and recommendations to the business.

With the release of Customer Attributes, you can now integrate CRM data with Analytics in order to better understand your customers, campaign performance or how a change in your design or navigation structure affects customers who are used to your old design.

Customer attributes are available for both Analytics Standard and Premium customers, however Analytics Standard customers only allows a total of 3 Customer Attributes while Premium customers can have up to 200 per report suite.

Contribution Analysis

Over a year ago Adobe released their anomaly detection in Adobe Analytics, and since then, they has been working on additional functionality within this area.

This has resulted in a release of Contribution Analysis, giving analyst a shortcut to identify the causes or contribution factor for changes in trended data.

The Contribution Analysis engine basically scans all of the variables in your data set and then via advanced mathematic models identifies the anomalies for you.

This feature is mainly for Analytics Premium customers, as Analytics Standard clients only get access to analyze 3 dimensions at a time, while Premium clients gets access to analyze hundreds of dimensions.

Freeform Analytics

All analysts and data scientists love Ad Hoc Analytics (formerly known as Adobe Discover). Now, you may start spending some more of your time in Adobe Analytics, with the new Freeform Analytics, that is currently in public beta.

Freeform Analysis is a new workspace in Analytics, allowing you to analyze your data in a similar way as Ad Hoc allows you to.

You can create analysis projects with a mix of dimensions, data ranges, metrics and of cause segments directly in your browser.

If you are an Adobe Analytics admin, you will have access to this feature.

Mobile Cohort analysis

With the update for Adobe Mobile Services, you are now able to run Cohort Analysis, for side-by-side comparison of new vs. returning users, or what about being able to understand what feature in your app that results in in-app conversion and app repeated launches.

Personalized Site Overview Dashboard & Report Builder

Adobe also implemented some additional intelligence with in the Adobe Analytics interface. The Site Overview Dashboard has now been replaced with a new intelligent dashboard, that adjusts itself based on what reports you frequently are running within Analytics.

This gives you a personalized experience logging into the tool.

Report Builder also got improved. The Scheduling manager has been improved. According to Adobe it is now more reliable and stable. Especially the scheduling manager got improved.

Additional variables

At last but not least, an improvement that the data architects and data scientists may like, and something that I have heard many customers being asking for over the year. More variables!

Even so Adobe over the years has added more variables to the solution, there are always some who just wants more. All Adobe Analytics customers now have up to 1000 events. Analytics Standard customers got 25 additional eVars so the total is 100 and Analytics Premium have 250!


Of all the new features in this release, we believe that contribution analysis is the feature that is going to add most value to companies. We would of course have liked to see it being released in full-scale for Analytics Standard customers too in order to give the full value or at least in a less limited version.

Let’s hope Adobe will open up for analyzing larger datasets for Analytics Standard clients in the future.

We believe that the Freeform Analytics are also going to be something that many customers are going to use. It already got much buzz around and we agree, it is a nice feature allowing you to do tasks you earlier had to in AdHoc Analytics.

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