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Insights and commercial activation

We help you master your customer data, extract insights from them and activate the insights for maximum commercial effect in your digital channels.

Reports and dashboards

We help you set up KPI hierarchies, reports and dashboards. We pinpoint critical factors and highlight their business value.

Predictive analytics, AI and machine learning

We help you predict your customers’ behavior and inform your digital efforts with predictive analytics, AI and machine learning. We help you integrate data-sources and build analytical models which reveal complex and business critical patterns.

Omnichannel, customer journey mapping, personalization and optimization

We help you optimize and personalize your digital channels to reach your business goals. Across channels and devices throughout the entire customer journey.

Data management (DMP/CDP)

We help you keep track of your data, both externally and internally. We set up DMPs and CDPs and pull data freely from one end of your data ecosystem to the other.

eCapacity certifications and platforms

Experienced digital consultants. eCapacity’s data scientist-consultants have a strong commercial understanding and a comprehensive knowledge of best practices in a wide range of industries. We are certified Adobe Experience Cloud, Google Marketing Platform, Oracle Responsys and Tealium Universal Data Hub vendors.


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