Case: Irma

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Supply and supplier choice for a new e-commerce platform

Irma needed to replace the comprehensive IT platform they were using to drive their new digital supermarket – from ERP system to designs for the e-commerce platform – with the goal of optimising the digital customer experience. Irma chose to let eCapacity manage the needs clarification, the pre-qualification of suppliers and to conduct the bidding process and supplier selection.

It needed to be a solution that could be expanded on over time as the business grew.

eCapacity completed the vendor selection process in close cooperation with Coop and Irma, and focused on the following targets:

  • Identifying needs and preparing the RFP tender documents.
  • Pre-qualification of systems and suppliers of ERP delivery. E-commerce platform development, design and interaction design.
  • Completing the procurement process.
  • Supplier selection and contract negotiations.
  • eCapacity has further assisted”Irmatorvet” with several other tasks, e.g. organisational interface definitions and more.

eCapacity based the pre-qualification of suppliers for these types of projects on a detailed mapping of the suppliers who are in the Danish market. The mapping is based on eCapacity’s supplier database, which contains detailed information about individual suppliers, their strengths/weaknesses, their culture fit and skills.

The knowledge is assembled from many tender processes and the experience eCapacity have gained from managing a wide range of online projects.

Contact Per Rasmussen to learn more about how eCapacity can help with the procurement process and choice of supplier for digital business projects.

in Danish