Case: KNI

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Greenland’s largest e-commerce project

This was anything but a normal e-commerce task due to the geography, as well as the product line being so much different than what most countries experience. How to send items to towns that only are visited by ship twice a year?

How does one handle the sales of boats, toys and TV simultaneously and at the same time address the challenge of providing a wide range of products to a relatively small audience?

These were the exciting challenges we were given by the management of KNI.

It quickly became clear that an extraordinarily good understanding of the target audience was critical. Not all the villages have access to computers, yet some people already use e-commerce and trade virtually everything at KNI from food to hunting gear.

Based on a customer survey we created together with KNI a strategy that combined customer needs and requirements with the business goals of the project.

A new organisation was formed, the logistics adapted and we helped find the right technical partner (CPH Cloud was selected).

In the autumn of 2012 was launched Greenland’s largest e-commerce venture under great local interest and a short movie was made:

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