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Strategic master plan for “must win” initiatives in the online channel

The TDC group wanted to articulate a strategic direction and a plan with clear objectives for their online channel. The plan was to provide the necessary foundation for the realisation of the specific objectives, including setting clear goals and KPIs. These were set to ensure a structured follow up on the channel and to check that the channel evolves correctly and with the necessary speed.

Strategic and tactical “must win” initiatives in an overall master plan

eCapacity was responsible for the process of preparing a comprehensive master plan for the online channel, including gathering input and defining the key initiatives that needed priority attention. eCapacity was also responsible for making the recommendation for how to ensure that the objectives were realised.

The process involved the following activities and deliverables:

  • Interviews with key decision makers in the organisation.
  • Defining the “must win” initiatives to be prioritised in order to realise the online channel’s business goals, and make specific recommendations for implementation.
  • Develop a roadmap that prioritises the initiatives which are to be implemented in channel within the agreed period.
  • Defining the channel’s role, including a focus on core multi-channel initiatives and clarifying the key interfaces in relation to the other channels and stakeholders in the organisation.
  • Specific initiatives and identifying the strategic and operational KPIs for online sales and service.

TDC wanted to involve eCapacity as specialists in digital strategy and business strategy due to our experience in the strategic development of the online channel in larger companies.


By bringing experienced external expertise and resources from eCapacity into the strategy development, a solid strategic foundation for the necessary initiatives was established.

The organisation could now work towards a joint master plan for the online channel with concrete goals for each of the functional area.

“With eCapacity at the helm of this comprehensive consolidation of plans for the online channel we created a good foundation to succeed in our objectives. It was particularly encouraging that all relevant parties were involved in the process and have taken ownership of the plan.”

– Camilla Amstrup

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