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Digitisation of Fætter BR and TOYS “R” US – two brands, 10 sites, 6 months

TOP-TOY Group is the leading toy retailer in the Nordic region with two well-known chains: BR and TOYS “R” US. We were involved as a strategic advisor and project manager as TOP-TOY wanted to position the strong brand TOYS “R” US in a leadership position digitally.

Initially, the goal for TOP-TOY was to launch four effective e-commerce websites, where it would be easy for the customer via mobile, tablet or desktop to shop for a wide range of toys. The success criteria were therefore online sales, an overview of the wide range and a high website performance to ensure a good customer experience.

“To ensure the necessary propulsion and security we chose from the beginning to let eCapacity be responsible for managing the project. In addition to their experience with the management of e-commerce and web projects, eCapacity is able to perform a wide range of tasks – from strategic and business tasks to the highly specialised analysis. The Senior Strategy Consultant and other people from eCapacity were not only external consultants but were with their participation and involvement a natural part of everyday life in my online team. Finally, it is a huge advantage to have consultants who have been responsible for and led major online stores and therefore know all the business opportunities and challenges of a project like this.”

– Mads Vangkilde, ecommerce Manager for BR and TOYS “R” US

All sites were launched on time and within the budgeted framework of the planned markets (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland), and from the first day we launched the sites they have met the expected target.

  • TOP-TOY decided to get involved with eCapacity again as their second brand Fætter BR was to be digitised.

TOP-TOY, Digital Strategy, Project Management, Web Analysis, Vendor Selection, Reporting

TOP-TOY chose to build a brand new online shop and launched in no less than four markets.

As the Christmas sales are very important in the toy industry, the primary requirement was that it all had to be delivered before Christmas sales.

The new web shops were opened in the planned markets before Christmas sales began and delivered Christmas presents to many new online shoppers. The new omni-channel setup provided a strong platform for the industry’s goals and challenges.

“It has been an incredibly exciting and compressed process to establish 10 new websites with four web shops in the very short time that was available. It would not have been possible to achieve without the assistance we got from eCapacity. eCapacity came in with a very competent and straightforward style that fits very well with our TOP-TOY-culture. eCapacity understood our issues and lifted the tasks where necessary – regardless of nature – in order to succeed with the project on time.”

– Mads Vangkilde, ecommerce Manager at TOP-TOY

The process

From the establishment of the initial project, TOP-TOY chose to involve eCapacity – partly to examine the business potential and partly to help achieve the objective to launch at certain times.

The first step in both processes was to develop a detailed business case, which formed the basis for the subsequent prioritisation of investments.

After this, eCapacity’s consultants described all TOP-TOY’s wishes and expectations for the specification requirements.

With the specification of requirements in hand, one could then match the desired requirements with potential suppliers in eCapacity’s supplier database and quickly get started with the selection of final partners and get the project started.

In the subsequent implementation project a project manager from eCapacity worked daily at TOP-TOY to ensure that the entire project was done within the agreed time and in the agreed quality. eCapacity’s knowledge in the corresponding solutions has been used to build the processes within: e-commerce, product management, customer service, logistics, budgeting and distribution.

eCapacity’s role as a strategic project manager has meant providing business coaching in e-commerce, including avoiding the many pitfalls that are attach to large web launches. In addition, eCapacity worked as a project manager with overall responsibility for the project from initiation to implementation, including handled coordination with the internal IT department and supplier management.

In addition to project management eCapacity has worked as a specialist in several of the individual project tracks and also been involved in web stock and logistics, integration of product data and ERP, SiteCatalyst tracking (including Recommendations and Test & Target), and implementation of new Payment provider.

Mads Vangkilde was later employed by eCapacity as a result of the good cooperation in TOP-TOY.

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