Case: YouSee

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By using a special tool YouSee has gotten hold of its many hundreds of online campaigns


Like so many other companies, YouSee experienced difficulty handling the many campaign activities such as online, mail, social media and search:

  • Many different users both internally and externally
  • Multiple ways to name tracking codes
  • Subsequent reporting was confusing and inconsistent

Overall this led to lack of awareness in business value and damaged the possibility of optimising the resources which were used in the field.

SolutionYouSee, Web Analysis, eCapacity Metrics, Strategic advice

eCapacity has developed a standard system called Metrics to systematically establish tracking codes and their subsequent integration with traffic and sales reporting in Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst).

Metrics provides access to multiple users, enabling them to create promotional codes across traffic sources (e.g. display, affiliate, email, social media and search).

All codes will follow a logical and consistent syntax that makes the subsequent reporting of Adobe Analytics manageable across channels.

Today YouSee uses Metrics across multiple departments respectively including online marketing and CRM, as well as across the external media and search agencies (a total of more than 20 people).


The first part of the project was a workshop with all relevant stakeholders, where the needs and requirements for marketing tracking were set.

Subsequently Metrics configured the relevant categories, types, channels and users for YouSee, and Analytics was set up to receive and report codes correctly.

After approximately one month eCapacity completed a review of the setup, which ensured that all questions and necessary adjustments were handled.

Today Metrics is used for handling more than 100 campaigns on a monthly basis.


YouSee has gained unprecedented insight and overview of their campaigns across channels and have created a clear structure for managing campaigns, enabling future campaigns to be optimised and analysed far better than before.

At the same time, the project has saved significant time and greatly reduced the challenges in coordinating campaigns across the many stakeholders who work within the area.

in Danish