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Growth strategy in the e-commerce channel

In the highly competitive airline market, where low cost exerts considerable pressure on prices and the cost structure, SAS has focused on creating growth through a focused online sales strategy.

SAS - Digital Channel StrategyMaintaining a successful airline is very much about having an effective distribution network. More than half of the customers in the market in which SAS operates now use the web as their primary channel, whether they’re buying their airline tickets or require services in connection with their travel.

SAS chose to engage eCapacity in developing a strong growth strategy for the e-commerce channel which was to be rolled out across the markets in which SAS operates, and to create a foundation for delivering financial growth and maximising value creation in the e-commerce channel.

A team from SAS and eCapacity worked in Stockholm to define the new strategy based on SAS’s overall strategy “Core SAS”.

The strategy has identified potential areas of growth in sales, cost reductions in customer service to heighten efficiency in online marketing and also reorganising the online activities within the 29 markets where SAS operates.

“eCapacity has understood our complex business and has developed a strategy that is very well documented, ambitious and practical to be implemented. They also managed to generate new perspectives that have challenged the way we think about our online distribution and service channels.”

– Sven-Eric Nilsson, Vice President E-Commerce & Distribution at SAS

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