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Denmark’s second largest telecommunications company uses web analytics and optimisation to boost growth

Telenor has, over an 18 month period, experienced a growth in online sales of 75%, rising to 86% in the online customer service, as a result of a number of optimisation projects carried out in collaboration with eCapacity.

Telenor’s goal was to increase sales in the online channel and move customer service calls to the site, thereby reducing customer service costs; easing pressure on their call centre.

eCapacity has worked on more than 100 different online optimisation initiatives at Telenor, which have all affected the online channel KPIs. But two key projects – the creation of a new advanced on-site search system and the implementation of a new online customer service model that enhances the effectiveness of responses to customer questions – have especially contributed to both online sales and the customer service levels almost doubling.

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Telenor wanted to get a better understanding of their customers’ online purchasing behaviour to optimise their website, improve the customer experience and increase sales in the online channel. Telenor chose to let eCapacity, an experienced web analysis and strategy consulting company, manage the project. eCapacity combines experience and business insight from the telecommunications industry with specialist knowledge of web analysis – and the optimisation platform that Telenor has chosen (Adobe Analytics). eCapacity is an Adobe partner and therefore also ensures that the optimum technology is available to meet Telenor’s goal.

“We wanted to get more customers to solve their problems on the website instead of calling our Customer Care Centre. So we needed to develop a way to divert calls to the call centre and instead help the customer directly from our website and thus improve our customer service. “

– Thomas Christensen, Department Manager at Telenor E-business

Telenor also wanted to help more customers find what they were looking for faster, which in turn would improve efficiency.

“It was important for us to be able to measure the success of each of these projects, and it was therefore important to define specific KPIs that we could use to measure the continuous improvements we made in our online service and sales.”

– Thomas Christensen, Department Manager at Telenor e-business

The solution

  1. Create a sophisticated on-site search engine that brings customers to their desired product faster.
  2. Implement a new online customer service site where questions are answered more efficiently on the site itself, so customers do not need to call the customer care centre.

The first thing eCapacity did was to define KPIs and establish a reporting system so Telenor could understand their online business at a deeper level and analyse customer behaviour. This was also the basis for establishing and continuously monitoring KPIs and measurement method across sales, marketing and customer service departments.

“We started to look at the user experience and then implemented an on-site product search that would optimise search results. For example, if you are looking for a Nokia phone, you now get to see the ten best-selling Nokia phones, instead of ten random Nokias. The customer will thus acquire a better result, and this means increased sales for Telenor.”

– Morten Busk, co-founder and partner in eCapacity

Telenor’s search engine, which is powered by Adobe Site Search technology, links customers to the sites that sell the product they are searching for.

eCapacity also analysed Telenor online customer service.

“The Customer Service Section of the website is often overlooked by online departments, because it is difficult to measure the effect. Instead, attention is directed solely towards the sales area. So we were faced with the challenge of creating a method to measure the impact of the online customer service.”

– Morten Busk, co-founder and partner in eCapacity

eCapacity developed an online customer service model that calculates the number of conversions online – where customer questions are answered online, and the customer does not need to pick up the phone. Using a combination of Adobe SiteCatalyst and Survey technology Telenor now measure conversion in the same way as for online sales and can value the derivative savings.

The result

Telenor has seen a huge increase in online sales for cooperation with eCapacity – an increase of 75% over 18 months. The increase of online customer service level is even more impressive, reaching 86% within the same period.

“For a company the size of Telenor a reduction in the number of calls to the call centre means savings of millions of Danish kroners.”

– Morten Busk, co-founder and partner in eCapacity

eCapacity has helped Telenor in a number of other areas.

“eCapacity worked with web analytics strategy, customer analysis, technical implementation and training to provide a solution for the benefit of the entire business. eCapacity are online business specialists, they are familiar with Adobe, and they know our business. We would not be able to do it ourselves.”

– Thomas Christensen, Department Manager at Telenor e-business

Telenor and eCapacity are still working closely together on optimisation, support and further implementation of the new tools.

eCapacity Adobe Partner: what does it mean?

  • eCapacity specialises with the Adobe web analysis, optimisation and conversion technology tools. Adobe provides ongoing training and specialist support to eCapacity.
  • eCapacity provide advice, expertise, training and project implementation to companies such as Telenor.
  • The partnership ensures that eCapacity is constantly updated on the business opportunities inherent in the leveraging of Adobe technologies to optimise the online channel in a business like Telenor.
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