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eCapacity awarded first place by Computerworld in yearly survey of Danish it consultancies

The excitement at the eCapacaty hq was tangible, when the news broke, that eCapacity had won the prestigious “best it-consultancy”-category in this years Top 100 by Computerworld.

eCapacity is elected best Danish it consultancy. Screendump from Computerworld Denmark through Google Translate

”We’re super proud of winning” says Per Rasmussen, ceo of eCapacity. “We’ve been focusing on advising companies how to make the most of their digital business, since I started the company 11 years ago. With a clear ambition to be the best in class. Therefore we really appreciate Computerworld recognizing our efforts in this way”

Strong competition

The very strong field of participants in the competition speaks to the achivements of winning the category.  Accenture, e.g., came in no. 13, NetCompany no. 27, Cowi no. 36, Ramboll no. 46 and CapGemini no. 56.

“I think the secret to the great results lies in our very strong focus on producing clear and measurable commercial results for our clients. At least that’s what they often tell us” says Per Rasmussen.

Empowering clients

“I have a clear feeling our clients choose us because they feel that we’re empowering them to grow their digital businesses. Eg. in the field of analytics and marketing technology. Many clients ask us to help them get started with data science, CDPs, analytics and data activation, and all the other elements associated with a well-executed digital channel mix, ”continues Per Rasmussen. “The area is so specialized that few people have the necessary skills in-house,” says Per Rasmussn, adding:

“Similarly, we also often help our clients in their day-to-day operations – while also here helping them to rise to the next level. . ”

Effectiveness, tradesmanship, resource utilization and shape

Computerworld bases their assesment of companies on four different parameters: How effective are the companies, what degree of trademanship do the companies display, how efficient are they in utilizing ressources and what is their current shape in the market. You can find more info about the it consultancy top 100 competion right here.


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