Improve customer satisfaction

In a digital first world, customers want ease and flexibility. Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Goal Achievement (GA) are often used as key measures of success for large websites. – But in this ‘big data’ driven world is there space for these, more qualitative measures?

Here we demonstrate how combining digital analytics and qualitative data can be used to investigate how individual customer journeys impact your more holistic success measurements across digital, shops and contact centre.

We recently worked with a client who didn’t allow customers to change their products online because it could result in lower revenue as the customer might choose a cheaper product. Yet their digital analytics data showed 20% of the customers viewing an account page would then go to find a phone number on the website and call the contact centre looking to change their products. Putting extra barriers in a customer’s ways and taking them out of their channel of choice was a constant stumbling blocks in the pursuit of the ideal customer journey.

We set out to investigate if including the phone number on the account page would increase calls to the contact centre and at the same time investigate if it increased customer NPS and GA (users achieving what they set out to do when they visited e.g. an online payment journey). By removing a step in the online journey, a customer would be presented with the phone number instead of having to find the ‘contact us’ section of the site.

A simple A/B test was initiated, the original version of the page and one including the phone number. The results showed that calls to the contact centre increased by 3% but there was no overall fall in revenue. Using participation techniques we were also able to show that when the phone number was present GA and NPS both increased by +10 percentage points.

Based on these insights this client now allows the customer to modify the product offering online. For the first time they could quantify the impact this was having on the customer experience and make a fully informed decision, in this case to allow a few to leave for the good of the many.

In a digital first world, customer want ease and flexibility.