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Digital Executive event – Maximize your business performance with digital personalization

On Thursday 29th September eCapacity hosted an executive event: “Maximise your business performance with digital personalisation”. eCapacity gathered a selected group of digital executives from their Danish and English customers to discuss advances in the area of personalisation and optimisation. The event took place in the Presidents Institute’s beautiful rooms in Copenhagen, which represented the perfect environment for both presenting and networking.

Peter Østerhaab, from eCapacity, opened the event by talking about the development of personalisation in regard to digital customer experience. He particularly emphasised that personalisation is not just about IT tools and systems. Companies that want to utilise personalisation need to have the right combination of tools and a structured approach, as well having the right people within the organisation. These are some of the key prerequisites in order to create a memorable digital customer experience.

Peter was followed Michael Plimsoll, from Adobe, who touched upon two key themes, “Experience is the new brand” and “Great experiences are powered by data”. He discussed the importance of creating a personalised and consistent customer experience across channels – the customer journey is the company’s most important product! Michael also stressed that the company should be structured to utilise data for targeting and personalisation, which for many companies require changes in skills, organisation and processes. 

Michaels points were supported by Kasper Søvsø, from Telenor, who spoke about the extensive digital transformation process that Telenor has been through in the past 3 years. The focus has been on creating a unique customer experience in the telco market, where price and products are no longer the key differentiators. When establishing a new and unique customer experience the secret ingredient is close user dialogue, ongoing tests and a strong personalisation for each customer. Kasper also highlighted the value of creating a unified and consistent customer experience across channels where the customer can start their order in one channel and finish it in another.

Stefan Funch Jensen, from AO Johansen, closed the event with a story about how the company has created a continuous “we are here for you” ethos. This ethos covers all channels, and paid tribute to how employees have been a critical success factor in the roll out of this digital vision. In addition, the company has worked to create unique and personalised customer experiences through the use of artificial intelligence, so that today they are able to offer customers intelligent product recommendations, personalised search results and personalised navigation.

Overall, the participants agreed that personalisation and optimisation, both now and in the future, are essential prerequisites for differentiating a brand and creating a unique customer experience. Success must be based on the right mix of data, tools and skills and an organisation that supports a continuous and structured optimisation flow. The organisational part is particularly challenging for many companies.

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