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We bring data-driven insight to your digital business

Digital business is more than just visits to your website, conversion to sale rates and Google advertising. Digital business is also about getting insights on who your customers are, and about being able to offer your customers what they really want. Your data, and eCapacity, can help you do exactly that.

Machine learning, AI and predictive analytics

To get your data to speak, you’ll have to open them up. With custom made solutions for specialised needs. Or utilizing insight platforms like Adobe Sensei, Google BigQuery or Tableau – all of which eCapactity are experienced in using. Platforms, which build on AI, machine learning and predictive analytics. Platforms, which not only provides insights to a past long gone, but try to anticipate the present, as it unfolds, second by second. Platforms, which have the potential to transform websites and apps into data-driven personalized, digital channels, constantly leaning from their own experience, automatically adjusting to the customer at hand.

Anticipate the customers next moves

The advanced data-driven approach provides you with an opportunity to anticipate your customers very next moves. We can help;

  • creating a real time personalized user experience
  • predict which customers are particularly risks to churn – or recognize new high value customers, without necessarily having seen them before.
  • Maximize basket sizes, streamline the sales funnels and optimise the marketing spend

Lots of data, across sources

The bigger the volume of your data, the more insights the data will offer. And the more sources you can pool, the better. We help you gather data and create insights from all your digital behavioral data (e.g. Adobe or Google Analytics), marketing performance data (e.g. cost and effect data), sales or leads (e.g. ERP or CRM systems), service level agreements and customer behaviour, across channels. Hand over an API, a datadump or a FTP-access, and we’re on.

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