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Optimising business performance and personalising customer experience

Optimisation is an ongoing process. Based on detailed analysis of your website, mobile or app, it’s possible to identify the optimisation potential; however, it can sometimes prove difficult to pinpoint the key improvements that will bring the greatest return.

In collaboration with your company, we’ll help prioritise the possibilities of testing and changes. We’ll develop a testing strategy, implement and evaluate testing tools and ensure that the new initiatives are being used across the business.

  • Analysis and testing of check-out flows or sign-up processes
  • Recommendations for improvements based on facts and experience
  • Customer analysis through surveys, cross-channel touch point analysis and more.
  • Personalisation. Offer your customer the product or service that they’re looking for. This ensures that your customer’s experience of your website becomes more positive and will in turn increase the conversion rate.
  • In-depth customer and performance insight based on business intelligence.


The personalisation process increases the conversion rate and relevance to your customers. Personalisation can be based on aspects such as user behaviour or customer segments. We’ll help you tailor your website to meet your individual customer’s needs.

A/B test

Get help with implementation of A/B tests to assess variants of your website. We can also help to make sure you’re testing the right places with greatest impact.

 A-B Model for Optimization

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