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Seize the potential of the digital market and omni-channel integration

The digital revolution continues to change the terms of doing business – both because it challenges the status quo and opens up new commercial opportunities. eCapacity’s strategy consultants specialise in digital, cross and omni-channel strategy. We help our clients to create digital strategies that nullify the threats and exploit the changing environment to create new opportunities for business.

The strategies could cover:

  • Digital channel, with a focus on developing an enterprise digital sales and/or service channel
  • Cross or omni-channel, to ensure that all the company’s sales and service channels create a seamless experience for the customers – as well as optimise cross-channel activity from your company’s perspective
  • Digital transformation, for those companies who want a fundamental transformation to become a digitally driven business

The strategy development is based on a structured model

The strategy consultants combine their experience in operating digital outlets with eCapacity’s strategy development approach in close cooperation with the key people from your business. This ensures a relevant and solid strategic plan with a clear vision and road map to follow.

Strategy development includes:

  • Development of a digital business strategy based on the overall business strategy and links to the physical business
  • Identification of customer insights in the digital channels which provide the foundations for sound strategic choices
  • Mapping of digital trends that will affect the company and the industry
  • Organisation and governance to ensure the right conditions to realise the strategy
  • Business case development including initiatives which identify investment needs and business value
  • Operational and achievable action plans with clear objectives and milestones to turn strategy into a clear plan for initiatives
  • Assistance for the implementation of the strategy to the extent it may be necessary – e.g. Organisational adaptation, the involvement of suppliers and interim management.

Our Approach

  • Closely working with your company management – typically sales and marketing management, administrative or top management – to ensure long-term value and durability of the strategy
  • A strong team of management consultants who all have practical experience with digital management
  • Structured approach based upon proven methodology and practice
  • Anchor the project in the organisation. Give ownership to the managers and employees who will eventually drive the implementation and subsequent day-to-day management

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