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Together we’ll find the right solution

Digital stores become successful through the collaboration of a number of specialists with a range of skills, and developing an e-business platform relies on finding the right partners. We specialise in defining the requirements for the solutions and suppliers, and we’ll help you choose the most suitable solution and business partner for your business.

At eCapacity we have a unique network of suppliers, e-commerce companies and digital services while maintaining our independence and objectivity. We can save your company the hardship of uncovering the market and we’ll ensure that your company buys exactly what you need to realise your digital objectives.

To achieve this we use our unique vendor database, which is continuously updated with new information on the different suppliers, and our structured process for implementing a procurement and supplier selection.

What we offer

  • Preparation of business requirements and tender documents
  • Shortlisting of relevant suppliers, based on our experience and vendor database
  • Facilitating the tender process and selection of suppliers
  • Assistance in price and contract negotiations

Our approach

We help our customers find the best supplier to solve their specific challenges. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Concept and needs statement

We help describe the new concept and the needs of both customers and business. By holding workshops with internal and/or external specialists in the field, we define the requirements and expectations of future systems and suppliers. We prepare a requirements and needs statement (Request for Proposal) to be used as a foundation for discussion with the potential suppliers.

  1. Completion of the procurement process

In the tender process we combine our process experience and models, knowledge of the industry and basic understanding of how a digital organisation operates. Next, we go through our vendor database for pre-qualification and benchmark of selected suppliers.

We control the process and ensure that both the company and the potential suppliers arrive at a mutual understanding of the issues at hand.

  1. Supplier Selection

eCapacity is an independent consultancy and our role is to help our customers make informed decisions during the process. The decisions must be made on an objective basis and all suppliers are assessed by the same criteria.

Based on your specific situation we recommend the solution that’s most suitable for your business, ensuring it matches your business objectives, requirements, finances and time constraints.

Vendor database that leads to a market overview

Based on many years of experience in facilitating procurement, we have built a database with information on suppliers in every area related to e-business and digital business.

Our vendor database’s main purpose is to best match your business needs with potential suppliers so that tender documents are only sent to the most relevant companies, and for the subsequent collaboration and future solution to be as good as possible.

If you are a sub-contractor for larger e-commerce solutions, either as an IT integrator, web developer, designer, UX, supplier of storage, distribution, customer service, internet payment, dialogue and targeting or other related services, please feel free to contact eCapacity to join the supplier database.

Information is kept confidential at eCapacity and will only be shared with potential customers in the tendering process.

Think we’re relevant for you or your business?

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