Several years ago, VELUX started out on the process of digital transformation. The VELUX teams have worked – and are still working – hard, to truly meet the calls for customer-centricity. We at eCapacity have been trusted with the task of helping VELUX through both organizational and technological processes entailed with this digital transformation. Here is what VELUX has said about our collaboration:

Testimonial from VELUX

VELUX is working continuously to optimize the customer journey to drive more business, more effectively. While we were born a B2B company, digital has now empowered the consumer to drive the decision-making process which makes it crucial that we excel in the consumer-driven space.

Digital is a multifaceted and complex domain with fast paced changes in both technological possibilities, regulatory constraints, and user behavior. For VELUX, this is especially complex given our international profile and need to align global and local marketing practices.

As a company we need to surround ourselves with best in breed advisors and specialists that can help us make the right decisions and act on them quickly –eCapacity amply fills that ticket.

By extending our teams with eCapacity we have benefitted directly from their knowledge and experience, both in terms of digital business and marketing strategy, but very significantly also by augmenting our teams with experienced hands-on resources to turn strategy into action. The partnership has allowed us to pick up speed and to develop our internal capabilities.

eCapacity has joined forces with us in three areas: Marketing strategy, Analytics & Insights, and Campaign effectiveness. eCapacity has joined our existingteam and worked alongside us all the way to practical completion and implementation.

Strategists from eCapacity work in our core marketing strategy team that also includes other agency partners to define and design our global consumer segmentation model. We are currently planning global marketing 2020 based on these segments.

To ensure marketing efficiency, eCapacity has joined our Analytics team to build the analytics foundation for tracking the entire customer journey from first to last click across all marketing assets. eCapacity’s data, analytics and data science specialists work on-site with our team on a daily basis to extract insights and optimize our marketing.

Our extremely high profile and high volume campaign, The indoor generation, was the starting point for our global marketing KPI framework which we are now extending to encompass all global marketing. eCapacity has been, and continues to be, crucial in this respect.

We work with many consultants in VELUX, but we seldom meet consultants that exhibit such a high level of business acumen while simultaneously rolling up their sleeves to deliver practical results. eCapacity has proved themselves trusted colleagues from the very beginning. They are what I would call strategic pragmatists.

They understand that we must deliver results now, building on what we have in place, but at the same time they challenge us to think further and deeper based on their unique combination of business understanding and deep operational marketing specialization. Weare extremely happy with our collaboration.