The foundation for optimising your business

We are an independent consultancy with extensive experience in using digital analytics as a strategic platform for optimising the online experience. Any recommendations we make for your business are based on a combination of the data and our expertise.

The services we offer include:

  • Strategic analysis and roadmap building (including platforms, skills and processes)
  • Personalisation proposals, A/B testing, cross-channel optimisation, marketing optimisation and customer satisfaction.
  • Audit of current analysis setup and reporting in your company
  • KPI development
  • Governance and process optimisation
  • Selection of technological platforms


Giving careful consideration to your digital analytical strategy will give you a better basis for measuring your online performance.

At eCapacity, we have the unique skills to analyse your current situation and help define business goals. What’s more, collaborating with your company allows us to ensure that your implemented processes provide high quality data and increase the digital business structure throughout.

Valid data forms a strong analytical base, which ensures well-founded strategic choices that help your company closer to its stated digital goals. eCapacity has many years of experience in driving the process and can step in wherever you decide that data should serve as a tool in the company’s digital strategy.

Our approach

  • We work closely with the company management and specialists – typically customer service, sales and marketing management.
  • We are a strong team of experts who all have practical experience with digital analytics, implementation, optimisation and reporting, as well as experience working within large international companies.
  • We work with a structured approach based upon proven methodology and practice.

Think we’re relevant for you or your business?

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Customer references and case studies

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